Who We Are   LBE is all about providing the mechanical enclosures and human interface devices to surround your core electronics.

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How to Order

Generally speaking we need the following in order to quote and then manufacture your part:

  1. An IGES 3D CAD file (.igs) for the part.
  2. A PDF specification document with 2D drawings showing materials used and including part number, REV level, critical tolerances, notes, project name, and type of finish or texture on the surfaces.
  3. Estimated annual usage, application, and any other details that might be important


You may want a prototype before investing in production tooling - generally a good idea.

  • For plastics we provide rapid prototyping using 3D printing. We support both SLA, and FDM technologies.
  • For metal we can make samples by hand in the case of stamped metal for springs, plates and RF shields etc.

Prototypes for both diecast and lost wax parts can be machined out of a block of aluminum. Silicone Rubber is very difficult to prototype because it is a true rubber (synthetic) requiring the catalysts and high temperatures necessary for vulcanization to occur. Near prototypes can be made using thermoplastic materials, or we can also make a small pre-production tool and produce samples of what the final part would be like.