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New Design Technology (NDT) of Shenzhen, China has appointed Leister Blake Enterprises Ltd. it’s exclusive distributor for Canada.

NDT manufactures touch button products that can not only sense touch, but can also sense the proportional amount of force applied when touching a button. The touch buttons can be operated with fingers, gloves or any stylus and work very well even when the touch button surface or the fingers are wet.

The technology can be applied to metal, plastic or glass surfaces and can be custom designed for your application. The technology can create completely flat touch surfaces that can be readily wiped with cleaning or disinfecting solvents.

Solution kits are available to help you develop your touch panel applications, including custom button design and manufacture, control electronics, customized output interface, and engineering consultation.

NDT products are ideal for physical human-machine interface systems for use in transportation (air, rail, sea, land) systems, high-end consumer appliances, commercial equipment, medical devices and systems, first responders (fire, police, emergency), security systems, scientific applications (instrumentation), military and aerospace (high reliability systems). Because there are no moving parts the touch buttons are highly reliable, cost effective and are ideal for ideal for extreme environments such as shop floor or outdoor applications.

New Degree Technology’s innovative and competitive touch button technology was developed by the company and is well protected by growing patent portfolio.