Who We Are   LBE is all about providing the mechanical enclosures and human interface devices to surround your core electronics.

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Metal - Progressive die-forming and metal stamping; lost wax brass and stainless steel parts; deep-drawn aluminum and stainless steel; diecast aluminum and zinc alloy.

Plastic Injection Molding - Tooling and injection molding with over-molding if required.

Silicone Rubber - Small and large-run manufacturing of silicone rubber keypads with epoxy, silicone over-spray and abrasion resistant coatings. High-resolution silkscreen and/or laser-etched printing. Silicone rubber gaskets and joy-stick boots, compresion-molded to exact shape. Compression over-molding of silicone rubber onto steel.

LCDs and Zebra Strips (interconnectors) - Custom glass LCDs and standard displays in a wide temperature range with optional wider temperatures and backlighting if required. Sponge and rubber zebra strips for TN, STN and FSTN custom glass. We can supply any size LCD to fit your applications.

AC Adaptors - Adaptor models available from 5W to 65W, AC or DC output, multi-country built-in. Regulatory approvals available. Small runs with custom terminations. We can supply adaptors with analog or switching technologies, that meet RoHS and EnergySmart standards.

Pointing Devices - LBE represents Elan’s capacitive technology series of pointing devices, including touch screens, touch panels, and an innovative new force sensor technology, that combines the functionality of a mouse, a joy stick, a jog wheel and a scroll wheel all in one simple, intuitive, touch sensitive disk.