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Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss Screw Equipment facilitates highly accurate turning / milling / drilling and other multiple functions resulting in the highest and most consistent tolerances and accuracy. In addition to this, Swiss Screw Machines produce prototypes easily, and a manufacturer can achieve a reasonable unit cost for almost any quantity volume because of the speed and the machine's fast setup and cycle times.

Swiss Screw Machines are used extensively to produce complex and high-precision parts efficiently. Manufacturers of products where reliability is essential and precision specifications are critical depend on components produced using the Swiss Screw methods.

Yes, Swiss Screw Machines are widely applied to precision CNC turning and milling, but they have always performed as a metal lathe capable of performing many functions simultaneously.

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Battery & component cup - swiss screw machined brass


Brass power supply and component containers for wildlife tracking and telemetry device.

Swiss Screw Machined for Holohil Systems Ltd.