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Plastic Injection Molding

In 1991 our first customer asked us to produce a telephone junction box using plastic injection molding. We’re still making the same part for them today. One unique feature of this box is the inclusion of removable covers for RJ connectors.

Plastic injection molding is a well-known technology that is used extensively throughout the electronic packaging industry, and LBE produces parts for many customers from different industries, including HVAC, security, industrial controllers, instrumentation and medical devices.

ABS HVAC Control Housing

HVAC Control

ABS plastic housing with membrane keypad.

Flame Retardant HVAC Control

HVAC Control

Front and rear housing for commercial HVAC controllers. Flame retardant material.

Clear Polycarbonate Injectio

Clear polycarbonate injection

Clear polycarbonate test shot for assembly evaluation

Polycarbonate Injection

Polycarbonate Injection (detail)

Clear polycarbonate housing detail showing brass insert moulded in during injection cycle.

Outdoor RF Transmitter

Outdoor RF transmitter for electric meters. (rear view / front view)

Outdoor RF Transmitter

Outdoor RF transmitter for electric meters. (rear view / front view)

Kraton Soft Thermoplatic for LCD

Soft thermoplastic rubber kraton material for LCD protection.

Cycoloy Security Housing

Security access housing in Cycoloy

HVAC Control Housings

HVAC control housings with insert variations.

ABS Medical Housing

Medical housing in ABS.

LED Light Pipes

LED light pipes for HVAC controller shown as it comes out of the injection machine, complete with sprue.

Agriculture Housing

Agriculture (tractor mounted) application, housing for implement controller.

Battery Charger

Battery charger, front housing.

PVC Tongs

Tongs in reinforced PVC for cleaning gutters.

Xenoy Brace

Brace moulded in Xenoy with moulded-in stainless fasteners.

Junction Box

Custom plastic injected molded junction box for telephone applications complete with removable RJ connector covers.

Thermostat Housing

Thermostat housing in flame rated material.

Paper Towel Dispenser

Large cover for commercial paper towel dispenser.

Plastic injection molded

Plastic injection molded parts for an HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Made using high-pressure plastic injection molding.

Nylon DIN Railmount

Nylon DIN railmount for HVAC controllers.

Plastic Injectino Moulding

Parts for an HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, made using high-pressure plastic injection molding.